working on a birthday present. Thank God for my talent, cuz Lord knows I’m always broke. 😁
but I think this’ll turn out alright.

#art #painting #wip

Best kind of morning. 🎨
🎶 The pressure - Jhene Aiko


the devil is alive
them other girls can’t compete with mine,
you’re doing so good,
you fucked my mind.

managed to get this crazy hair overnight. so happy cuz I love me some curls, but I’m too lazy to actually make them myself! this method is heaven sent for me! 😍
(naturally, some heavy posing was bound to happen 💁)

Would trade all the Croatians for this girl right now! Missing you errday.
I can not wait for 2015 and all the new memories and new cities with you! 😍


Aaaaah, what an honor to wake up to my own badass portrait by @zrod_in_la - my personal hero! 😱😍
Zoro works for DreamWorks, he pushed me to draw more, to dream more & even to work out more! He’s the reason I’m now a kung fu master, perhaps! 😁
Thank you so much, my mexican hermano! This is the best!
I’m gonna go put on a cape now & kick some ass!


we are broken by others,
but we mend ourselves.
we take comfort in strangers,
but I don’t think it helps.
if every fool wore a crown,
I would be a king & not a clown.

I’ve just realized the biggest mistake of my life was not having protein pancakes untill now. This was so good I might cry. 💔

To make 6 pancakes : 2 mashed bananas, 2 whisked eggs & 1/2 cup of protein powder. They are so fluffy, it’s not even real life!!
Topped some with honey, some with Nutella & both with seasonal fruit!
Best sunday morning choice 👌

I literally almost broke my arm and hip but it was so worth it 😂😂😂
Btw, I’m almost 30. 👋

with @aydahceline

So 90’s, huh? 😎
(Baby, why you always gotta photobomb me, son??)

🙏 #notetomyself

little miss sunshine 👅☀️

Chilling on the balcony with Ben Franklin. Still feels like summer in moments like these.. 💛

that awkward moment when you spend half of your day sitting in the silence, just being hypnotized by sunlight.. 😍☀️


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